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Parking Tag
At a glance, color-coded tags help you make sure everyone parking in your lot belongs there!
Temporary Parking Permit
Lock down security in your property parking lot using parking permits, even separating guests by section.
Temporary Parking Permits
Issue temporary permits in lots with frequent visitors or high levels of turnover.

Advantages of mirror hangtags

Having a tag that visitors can replace and later remove when they leave is one of the handier and more user-friendly methods of establishing parking permits. When we engage in a short ritual to open and close our workday, according to social psychologists like Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy, we’re more productive and happier for it – it helps us compartmentalize work from play. Besides any psychological advantages, though, hangtags don’t obstruct vision when we’re driving, and since they tend to be larger, it can be easier to include all the information you might want on a parking permit, from a calendar that demarcates expiry to plate numbers to logos or branding.
Although decals are available that use static electricity instead of adhesives to stick to your windshield, these aren't always appropriate. Some businesses may have confidentiality or security issues that prevent permanent parking tags from being an option. Others have high turnover rates, extremely busy parking lots where tags must be renewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and in all these cases, hangtags are preferable. (As a rule of thumb, adhesive decals are best when they're expected not to change for at least six months. Visitors are likely to become annoyed if they find themselves peeling stickers off with any regularity!)  
Visitors Parking Permits
Permanent mirror hangtags are usually numbered for ease of verification.
Because hangtags are easily swapped out, they're perfect for high-volume parkingplaces where people might only want to park for a matter of days. Hangtags often include space for issuers to write down the license plate number of the owner – asimple solution to the swapping problem. (You may actually want hangtags to be transferrable, too – numbered temporary tags work well for small lots, allowing the issuers to avoid spending too much time laboriously filling out temporary tag forms, and forcing visitors to account for their presence at the lot when they request the tag.

Lastly, because rearview mirror hangtags are a little bit larger than decal permits, you’ll have room for disclaimers limiting liability while the owner is on the lot, or any just about other text you might fancy, as long as you’re not planning on having room to inscribe the unabridged War and Peace.
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