Parking Tags
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Parking Tag
At a glance, color-coded tags help you make sure everyone parking in your lot belongs there!
Temporary Parking Permit
Lock down security in your property parking lot using parking permits, even separating guests by section.
Temporary Parking Permits
Issue temporary permits in lots with frequent visitors or high levels of turnover.

Types of parking tags

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, so why should your parking tags be? There are plenty of tag options out there, from the relatively sober, standard-issue fluorescent temporary tag to the purely facetious variety. A few variables for you to consider as you prepare to put your parking management system in place:
Reflectivity. If staff are frequently going to be checking at night to make sure everyone on a lot has a permit, reflective decals are the way to go. They'll make it vastly easier to figure out if everyone in a given lot has a tag, because running a flashlight over the tag will make it clear as day. (Note that reflective tags are generally placed outside the vehicle, and the engineer-grade materials mean they're more adhesive than usual, too.)
Ease of use. Everyone gets annoyed when they have to peel a sticker off their car, leaving a sticky, gummy residue behind. (The question of how to remove a stubborn adhesive has kept home economists in business for decades.) The quality of adhesive makes a lot of difference when it comes to parking decals – make sure your decals mention that they're easily removed if they're going to be on the inside of the windshield, or more stubborn if they'll be on the outside  
Parking Hang Tags
If you're not worried about theft or sticker-swapping, vinyl stickers work well on bumpers as well as windshields.
Hangtags can be made of heavy stock paper, but if they're going to be changing hands often or you expect them to take some abuse, then heavy-duty plastic is as ever the more resilient choice. Plastic is ideal when you don't need too much information on the tag – once printed, there's no going back.  
Decals can either go on your windshield or your mirrors – so if it's stickers you're after, you do have choices. Vinyl labels with acrylic adhesive stick well for up to five years, and they'll stay put for at least five years. With their industrial-strength adhesives, aluminum parking tags last twice as long. Flexographically printed, brushed Mylar offers another flexible option for eyecatching metallic tags that'll stay on for two years or more,while fiberized polyester tags come off in one piece after about twelve months.  
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