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Parking Tag
At a glance, color-coded tags help you make sure everyone parking in your lot belongs there!
Temporary Parking Permit
Lock down security in your property parking lot using parking permits, even separating guests by section.
Temporary Parking Permits
Issue temporary permits in lots with frequent visitors or high levels of turnover.

Preventing handicapped parking abuse with parking tags

Did you know that in the US, the number of handicapped parking spaces is keyed very precisely to the number of total parking spots in the parking lot? States are free to make more restrictive laws that exceed the minimums set down by the federal government, however.

As an example, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, handicapped parking comes in two types, van and car-sized spots. The basic car-accessible parking spot must have be at least 8 feet wide with an access aisle of five feet, while van-accessible spots must be 8 feet wide with an 8-foot access aisle (to accommodate wheelchair ramps). The state of Florida has established slightly wider strictures for its handicapped parking, requiring all handicapped parking spots to be 12 feet wide (with the usual access aisle).

Temporary Parking Permit
Permanent mirror hangtags are usually numbered for ease of verification.
  Everyone knows – or should – that using handicapped parking spots without a handicap isn't a harmless faux pas, it's illegal (and, under all but the most dire circumstances, morally reprehensible). We've all been in a rush at one time or another, and needed to run into a place of business quickly; that doesn't give us the right to deprive people with serious disabilities of their parking places – often the only ones that they can use. Handicapped parking tags can help your business or organization head off temptation and ensure that the only people who are using these precious parking spaces are the people who are supposed to.

Although drivers with disabilities will have their own government-issued, solid-blue hangtags, companies still need to keep track of how many handicapped parking spots they have left and whether the people who are parked in the designated spots are indeed the ones who need to. Parking tags specifically for visitors and employees with disabilities make it easy to check the disability status of the vehicles on the lot – and avoid costly litigation by ensuring that you've never assigned more lots than you have. With additional space for expiration dates, these parking tags fulfill the needs of any company looking to make sure its employees are in the right place.

Since regulations change periodically on both the local and national levels, it is important to consult standards and regulations at both levels of government.
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