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Parking Tag
At a glance, color-coded tags help you make sure everyone parking in your lot belongs there!
Temporary Parking Permit
Lock down security in your property parking lot using parking permits, even separating guests by section.
Temporary Parking Permits
Issue temporary permits in lots with frequent visitors or high levels of turnover.

Information needed on temporary parking tags

Companies with any kind of systematic parking plan often need to account for temporary parking. Visitors, staff from other offices, inspectors, utility providers and salespeople all need to avail themselves of a scarce resource by parking in your lot. Using custom-made hangtags and decals, your organization, gated community or office can customize your parking solution down to the day.
Parking Hang Tag
Parking tags only work in conjunction with clear signage that establishes the ground rules.
Temporary tags often have a small, removable tag that can used for verification or to invalidate the tag once it's expired.
  Hanging Parking Tags
Temporary parking tags can use a number system the way more long-term parking permits do, but to cut down on time spend correlating tag numbers with expiration dates, you can also purchase tags that include blank fields for expiration date information on them. (Tags with large expiration date fields are particularly convenient, since that way, attendants don't have to spend as much time squinting at tiny numbers!) Temporary tag buyers often find it useful to include space for the car's license number, too, making it harder to swap the tag with a car that shouldn't be on the lot. Branding and the company address can also strengthen a good tag – by giving your company another branding platform, and your tags a smidge of élan!
Color-coded tags are handy for funneling short-term parkers into particular areas of your lot – you might want to consider posting signage that says (for example) RED TAGS ONLY or GREEN PERMITS ONLY, then issuing temporary parking permits that correlate with your signs. Where and how you distribute your temporary passes will depend largely on the layout of your parking lot. While it might appear useful at first glance to keep high-volume traffic close to the entrance and exits, this can slow down parking for everyone, as once you have enough parking spots, the process of pulling into a spot is the most time-consuming part of the process. Temporary parking can work if it's distributed across several areas of a lot, but only if you're certain that you'll have room in each area (otherwise, visitors may be forced to break the rules).
you areoften allowed to tow, boot and/or levy reasonable fees on cars that don’t belong. Having a solid temporary permit system in place will make your attempts to collect more credible.
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